ISSB GTO Tasks Tips & Complete Guide

As soon as you will pass the psychological day test the next you have to go through ISSB GTO Tasks. These tasks took place on the Day 3 and Day 4 of your arrival and will comprise of many physical activities as well. In this article we will provide you ISSB GTO Tasks Tips, ISSB… Read More »

ISSB Pointer Story Writing Tips and Samples

The fourth tool of psychological test is the Pointer Story Writing. In ISSB Pointer Story Writing, an incomplete story of 2 lines will be given to you for a limited period of time and you have to solve the story. This test is also conducted to analyze the psychological traits of a candidate.

ISSB Picture Story Writing Tips and Samples

The third most important tool to assess a candidate is the ISSB Picture Story Writing. In this test all you have to do is to make a story of a picture shown to you on the multimedia. The pictures shown in this test are basically sketch pictures with no colors. Different objects or characters are… Read More »

ISSB Word Association Test Samples and Tips

ISSB Word Association Test is also abbreviated as WAT and is part of ISSB Psychological Test. In this test various words are displayed on a projector and the candidates have to make sentences. This test is a very important tool for the psychologist to assess the personality traits of the candidate. By analyzing the words… Read More »

How To Clear ISSB Psychological Test

To clear a ISSB Psychological Test is the hard thing because it is the step in which 90% of the candidates are failed. A man’s psychic behavior is in his own control and is formed not within minutes but it takes long years. Your psychological behavior depends on the surroundings you live, the incidents f… Read More »