ISSB Word Association Test Samples and Tips

By | July 31, 2016

ISSB Word Association Test is also abbreviated as WAT and is part of ISSB Psychological Test. In this test various words are displayed on a projector and the candidates have to make sentences. This test is a very important tool for the psychologist to assess the personality traits of the candidate. By analyzing the words association of a person, they get to know what kind of person you are, what are your beliefs and dislikes, how do you behave to your surroundings and what is inside you.

Number of words:

100 words are displayed on the projector. Each page will have a space for 25 words.


The time devised to this test is very limited. Each word will be displayed for 9-10 seconds. If you’ll not be able to write a sentence in the given time, next word will be displayed.

ISSB Word Association Test


Tips to attempt ISSB Word Association Test

  • Manage your time wisely.
  • Write the first thing which comes in your mind as it is the first natural response of a human.
  • Make your writing readable.
  • ISSB Word Association Test is not to check your grammar so don’t be a grammar Nazi and try to focus on what you are writing rather than how you are writing.
  • Write brief sentences and don’t put yourself into long sentences. This will waste your time.
  • Write sentences in the past tense.
  • Sometimes due to speed and limited time your sentence structure may seem messed up but don’t try to fix them and focus on the next word.
  • Once you have written a sentence don’t try to remold, cut or overwrite it. Just be focused on the multimedia and the next word approaching.
  • The words displayed can be used in any form. They can be used as a verb, adjective or noun. So don’t worry about it.
  • Do not use ‘names’ of others in your sentences. If you still want to use some person in your sentence, then use the third person formula by using he, she or them.
  • Avoid making sentences with I, Me and Myself.
  • Prefer not starting your sentences with ‘be, because or don’t’.
  • Do not write an anti social response as it will give a bad image of you.
  • Don’t write sentences which are cluttered totally towards the armed forces. The analyzers are not a slice of bread on which you will spread butter.
  • Do not write memorized sentences.
  • Do not write negative sentences. Stay positive and optimistic about everything.
  • Practice a lot for quick English writing to gain a writing speed.

Sample of ISSB Word Association Test

Here are some of the samples of the words given in the ISSB Word Association Test:

  1. Work: hard work is a key to success.
  2. Atom: An atom s the smallest particle.
  3. Country: I love my country.
  4. Army: People of our country admire Army very much.
  5. Step: The chair tutorial has 4 steps.
  6. Company: He has a good friends company.
  7. Love: He loves his parents.
  8. Duty: He was on duty.
  9. Girl: The girls are playing.
  10. Eat: I will eat lunch later.
  11. Decide: She decided to study further.
  12. Beat: he beats his friend in chess match.
  13. Fight: never fight with anyone.
  14. Lie: A lie will always be a lie.
  15. Give: Please give me your address.
  16. Enjoy: Kids enjoy playing in rain.
  17. Careful: He is very careful about his future.
  18. Success: Hard work is the key to success.
  19. Trust: always trust your family.
  20. Solve: He solved the puzzle.
  21. Story: He is good in story writing.
  22. Break: HE enjoys tea at break time.
  23. Fear: He fears to drive a car.
  24. Defeat: His team was defeated in cricket.
  25. Enemy: Make friends not enemies.

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