ISSB Progressive Group Task Tips & Important Details

By | November 29, 2016

ISSB Progressive Group Task is performed on the 2nd day of the GTO task. In an ISSB Progressive Group Task the GTO takes the group into the tasks area and give the group a task to perform. Total 3 different tasks are to be performed in ISSB Progressive Group Task which is tough.


Total time for ISSB Progressive Group Task is 40 minutes. You have to complete our assigned tasks in this time duration. It depends on the GTO if he asks you to leave the running task and gives you the next one.

Important Details:

In ISSB Progressive Group Task there is a starting and finishing line. Different hurdles and obstacles are part of this task. There are different equipment’s like drum, plank, rope or boxes which you have to use during the task. These equipment’s are used according to the orders of GTO. All these things are to be transferred from starting line to the finishing line along with the candidate itself and after finishing the task you have to put these things back to their original place.

There are some inbound and outbound rules also. Something can be touched and used and hence they are inbound while others are not allowed to touch and they are considered in the outbound category. The red colors painted areas are all outbound while the areas painted as white, blue or yellow are all inbound. Jumping and throwing is also allowed in ISSB Progressive Group Task. 2 feet rule is not allowed in this task.

ISSB Progressive Group Task