ISSB Pointer Story Writing Tips and Samples

By | July 31, 2016

The fourth tool of psychological test is the Pointer Story Writing. In ISSB Pointer Story Writing, an incomplete story of 2 lines will be given to you for a limited period of time and you have to solve the story. This test is also conducted to analyze the psychological traits of a candidate.

Number of ISSB Pointer Story Writing

A total of two pointer stories will be presented to you. These two pointer stories will consist of incomplete sentences containing maximum two lines.


The time allotted to a one pointer story is 30 seconds. For 30 seconds a pointer story will be displayed on the multimedia and 30 seconds will be provided to you to think about a story. Just like picture story writing, 3.5 minutes will be given to you to write down a story. Same process will repeat for the other pointer story.

ISSB Pointer Story Writing

ISSB Pointer Story Writing Tips

Some of the helpful tips to attempt ISSB Pointer Story Writing are as follows:

  • Read the given incomplete story carefully.
  • In the 30 seconds, think of an idea or story to complete the incomplete story given to you.
  • Your story must be relatable to the incomplete set of sentence.
  • Start your story from the last word of the given pointer story.
  • There must be continuity between the two things (that is the incomplete story and your written complete story).
  • Do not copy anyone’s ideas.
  • Think two different themes for the two pointer stories for greater chances of recommendations.
  • Try to give a new concept which you have not written in the previous Picture Story Writing test.
  • Manage your time wisely.
  • Practice Pointer Story Writing before going for ISSB.

ISSB Pointer Story Writing Samples

Some of the samples are given below. Other samples are provided in our ISSB Preparation Material section.

  • He worked hard day and night but could not meet the expense of his family so he decided to…
  • One thunder storm night, she was all alone at the road but suddenly…
  • He joined the service to earn money but when he became a leader of men…