ISSB Individual Obstacles List, Tips, Videos & Complete Guide

By | November 29, 2016

ISSB Individual Obstacles are the hot topic among the candidates who are going for ISSB. It is considered to be the toughest part of ISSB as many candidates are not aware of nor they are physically so good like a sportsman.

What is ISSB Individual Obstacles?

ISSB Individual Obstacles are 9 different hurdles in the ground which a candidate has to pass in 2 minutes. These hurdles are of different types which will utilize the energy and capability of all your body muscles. The usage of almost all body muscles are used in ISSB Individual Obstacle. Before performing the ISSB Individual Obstacles the GTO shows a video to the candidate on the multimedia that how to pass each hurdle in the right way. So before performing you are given an exact idea of the situation visually. It is done to see the physical capability of a candidate, his stamina and will power to complete the task.

ISSB Individual Obstacles

In 2 minutes these ISSB Individual Obstacle have to be passed. Most of the cases candidates are not able to complete all the 9 hurdles and they reach up to 6 or 7 hurdles when the time is ended. One can also repeat the obstacle to improve his grading but this can only be done when you have completed all the 9 hurdles. Then you can have chance to repeat any hurdle.

ISSB Individual Obstacle List:

  1. Hanging Bridge
  2. Hanging Tyre
  3. High Jump
  4. Long Jump
  5. Monkey bridge
  6. Multi-Down Up
  7. Rope Climbing
  8. Tarzan Swing
  9. Zig-Zag

The visual aid can be seen at Free ISSB Preparation Material where the pictures of these individual obstacles are given.

The best tip for ISSB Individual Obstacles is to choose the easy obstacle first so that you can save your time. However, if the GTO asks you to complete any hurdle you have to follow his order.

It doesn’t matter if you are not able to complete all the hurdles in ISSB Individual Obstacles. Basically your will power, control on fear and stamina is checked in this task. It is also focused that if there is a difficult hurdle is the candidate willing to do it or not. The best thing here to quote is Rashid Minhas was able to complete only 1 hurdle and Hafeez Bhatti scores a record of completing all the 9 hurdles twice in 2 minutes. So you can see that it doesn’t matter how much you pass, all you have to hive your maximum input. Just take care of yourself while performing so as to avoid any injury.

ISSB Individual Obstacles Video