ISSB Half Group Task Tips & Guidelines

By | November 16, 2016

In ISSB Half Group Task the group of 9 members is divided into 3 sub-groups. Each sub-group is called a “Half/Semi Group”.  These sub-groups are taken to the tasks area. There will be different tasks of hurdles and obstacles which these candidates have to pass. The rules and regulations will be the same as in ISSB Progressive Group Task.

The total time to complete these tasks is 10 minutes. In these 10 minutes these semi groups have to complete their assigned task along with the transportation of different equipment’s. The task is considered completed if the time is over. However, if you have done any foul during the task you will start from the previous step rather than starting it all over.

Once a group has completed their task, the GTO will call the other group. The other group may have a different task to perform.

ISSB Half Group Task

ISSB Half Group Task Purpose

ISSB Half Group Task is performed to check the candidate’s abilities more keenly. B splitting up into small groups the coordination and harmony is checked out. It is also observed that how a candidate is capable to control one whole group and one small group.

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