ISSB GTO Tasks Tips & Complete Guide

By | November 2, 2016

As soon as you will pass the psychological day test the next you have to go through ISSB GTO Tasks. These tasks took place on the Day 3 and Day 4 of your arrival and will comprise of many physical activities as well. In this article we will provide you ISSB GTO Tasks Tips, ISSB GTO Videos and ISSB GTO Notes so that you can prepare well.

Who is an ISSB GTO?

A GTO is the abbreviation of Group Testing Officer and he is the one who is in charge of your indoor and outdoor tests. This person is of higher post and will be an expert in observing you. The GTO’s will never reveal their post or designation to you nor will they be in proper uniform. They wear normal clothes and you can’t judge who this person is and what designation he has. They will not even reveal their name to you when you will meet him.

They ISSB GTO never talks too much and not even like flattering. They have a serious attitude and remains to the point throughout the ISSB GTO Tasks. All of the GTO’s will be wearing dark shades. It seems like they are so stylish and cool wearing those awesome dark colored shades but in fact they are always watching you whatever they do. Never underestimate them or think they are busy in some other tasks and not observing you. Whether they are writing something, busy in their mobile, looking upward to the birds or flying plane or talking with someone they will be watching you. This is just their way to make you feel that they have ignored you for a moment but it is not the case. You are the point of observation there and they never forgot to do their job!

One more important thing is they will try to talk with you during different tasks and will try to distract you. You can listen to them o what they are saying but your main focus must be your task you are working on. You can even reply to them but keep doing your task and don’t give them the feeling that apart from your task anything is your priority.


Note: The purpose of ISSB Guide is to provide complete assistance regarding ISSB.

Purpose of ISSB GTO Tasks:

The main purpose of ISSB GTO Tasks is to analyze the abilities of team work and coordination. Apart from this your ability to take pressure, team harmony, spirit, decision making and leadership skills are also focused. Candidate having all these abilities have a brighter chance of selection.

Categories of ISSB GTO Tasks:

There are two major categories of ISSB GTO Tasks which are indoor and outdoor. These are then further divided into different tasks which are as follows:

ISSB Indoor GTO Tasks:

  1. ISSB Group Discussion Task
  2. ISSB Lecturette topic
  3. ISSB Group planning

ISSB Outdoor GTO Tasks:

  1. ISSB Command task
  2. ISSB Half group task
  3. ISSB Individual task
  4. ISSB Progressive Group Task


Detailed Explanation:

Let us dig into deep and know what this is all about.


The ISSB Indoor tasks comprises of 3 major tasks. Candidates are divided into a group of 6-9 people are then assigned tasks upon which there analysis is made. These tasks are not so tough and can easily be cleared if you will act smartly and proactively.

  1. ISSB Group Discussion:

As from name it is indicated that candidates will be divided into groups and they will have to discuss on a given topic. They can be against or in favor of the assigned topic of discussion. The details group discussions are written before in the article ISSB Group Discussion.

  1. ISSB Lecturate Topic:

A topic is given to the candidate to deliver a short lecture on a specific time. This topic is general in nature and is easy. One can deliver it in English or Urdu. Further tips and details are already given in ISSB Lecturate Topic.

  1. ISSB Group Planning:

A situation is given to the group of candidates with different problems and they have to make a solution out of it. Every one participates in it and works like a team. The detailed explanation of group planning and tips to do it are given ISSB Group Planning.


Outdoor tasks are all ground tasks. The physical abilities are also tested in the outdoor tasks along with stamina, spirit, pressure handling and leadership skills. Just like the indoor tasks, some of the tasks here comprise of group and some are done individually.

  1. ISSB Command Task:

Command tasks comprise of a group leader and some hurdles to pass on. All candidates in a group are given a chance of becoming the commander. This task becomes difficult if there is no team harmony. Further details and tips are given in ISSB Command Task.

  1. ISSB Half Group Task:

In this task the group is divided into two sub groups and this time no one is commander and candidates have to pass through a specified area having hurdles and outbound places. More details at ISSB Half Group Task.

  1. ISSB Individual Task:

In this test a candidate have to pass through 9 obstacles within a limited time. These obstacles are hard to pass. Tips are given here ISSB Individual Task.

  1. ISSB Progressive Group Task

This is the toughest of all. In it a task is given by the GTO which has to be completed in 3 steps. Each step is harder than the previous one. Some material is also provided to be used in this task and the ground is outbound in it. Further details are here at ISSB Progressive Group Task.

Tips to clear ISSB GTO Tasks:

  • Listen to the GTO instructions carefully.
  • Never break any rule.
  • Understand the task carefully
  • Take interest in the discussion and remain very active during the discussion
  • Talk with confidence to the whole group looking in the eye of each candidate
  • You must not keep looking at the Group Testing officer.
  • Don’t be rigid in your ideas, must accept criticism with open mind.
  • Co-operate with others in friendly manner.
  • Remember it’s not the command of English language checked during this discussion, do not hesitate even if you are making grammatical mistakes.

ISSB GTO Tasks Videos:

For visual understandings of the GTO Tasks, here are some useful videos.