ISSB Group Planning Tips & Complete Guidelines

By | November 12, 2016

Just after ISSB Group Discussion, ISSB Group Planning will take place. As the name also indicates that it’s the task related to a plan made by the group.

What is ISSB Group Planning?

The GTO will present a model to the group of candidates and explain some of the situations. The group has make out a plan out of it in which there will be some hurdles or problems and you will have to give solutions to them and ending the plan in the right way.

ISSB Group Planning

How you are going to do this?

The trick to complete ISSB Group Planning is simple. First of all listen to the given problem and situation carefully. Now imagine yourself and your group in the given situation and plan out what you people will do at the spot. If there is no consensus among the group members at any matter then the decision of majority of the members is considered. Once you have determined all the solutions and taken your time, the group will select a spokesperson who will explain you plan to the GTO.

This spokesperson will demonstrate what your group has planned and how you are going to do this.  The time allotted to each group to demonstrate in ISSB Group Planning is 20 minutes.

What type of model is given?

In ISSB Group Planning, the model given to you by the GTO consists of the situations which are related to field, destroying enemy and its equipment’s, battle, passing out bridges, etc. the model won’t be that much tough all you have to take care of keen details of the model and imagine yourself in the situation.

Purpose of ISSB Group Planning:

The main purpose of ISSB Group Planning is to analysis that how well a candidate performs in a given situation, his decision making skills, observance on tiny details, considering his team his responsibility and quick decision making modes.

Tips for ISSB Group Planning:

  • Listen to the GTO very keenly
  • Work like a team your group is everything in this task.
  • Consider yourself that you are in the given situation and then work out for the plan.
  • Keep in mind the tiny details of the model.
  • If you are being criticized on your plan accept it cheerfully.
  • Focus on the numeric information given to you like speed, distance, etc.
  • The spokesman must be able to demonstrate your plan properly.