ISSB Group Discussion Topics & Tips

By | November 3, 2016

When candidates are divided into groups and introduced to the GTO, they will gather into a room with spherical sitting. This room is the room of discussion. The first task given by the GTO is ISSB Group Discussion. In this task, a topic is given to the group and they have to discuss it in details like the pros and cons, merits and demerits and other useful information. One can be against or in favor of the given topic; it’s all up to the candidate. All you have to do is to be logical while proving your stance.

The topic given by the GTO in ISSB Group Discussion will be in Urdu. It’s your own choice to precede the discussion in Urdu or English. Most of the candidates do it in Urdu as they feel more comfortable in this language and have plenty of points to speak easily.

ISSB Group Discussion is important task to observe the candidate as it provides the observer to note you in detail. Plenty of time is there for your observation and it’s the platform where you got chance to prove yourself. This is the time where you are going to create the first impression in front of the ISSB GTO and other members of the group so you have to be careful.

The topics selected for ISSB Group Discussion are general. They are not confined to a specific subject so this is a good thing for you. You just have to look around you and the current affairs. Once you are given the topic of discussion you have to read the title carefully and decide whether you are in favor of it or not. Next thing is to make some valid points supporting your stance. And after that last thing is to put your stance exactly at the right time when there is need of that point.

ISSB Group Discussion

ISSB Group Discussion Tips

  • Be presentable.
  • Listen to the GTO instructions carefully and never break the rules during the discussion.
  • Introduce yourself in a short way if the GTO says so.
  • Select the topic of discussion in which there is more room for positive discussion. Remember that the topic selected by the majority of the candidates will be discussed.
  • Never avoid eye contact during the conversation and look into the eyes of all candidates during your discussion.
  • Avoid looking to the GTO. Imagine he is not there and your group members are the main focus.
  • Wait for your turn to speak and never interrupt someone who is already talking.
  • Don’t make it a talk show like in the TV; it’s not a fish market.
  • If you are being criticized then accept it and don’t panic. In a discussion everyone has a right to make his point valid or to criticize a specific point.
  • Even if you don’t like some one’s idea, and you want to criticize it, do it in a friendly way with no offenses.
  • Do participate in the conversation even if you have been a shy one or introvert.
  • Never sit quite during the whole conversation.

Few Samples:

  • Islam iman ka mazhab hey ya dehshatgardi ka
  • Basant ka tehwar manana chae ya nahi?
  • Mobile bacho ko dena chae ya nahi?

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