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By | June 29, 2016

How to fill ISSB Bio data form is a tough job for you if you are appearing at ISSB for the first time. On your Arrival Day you have to fill out some necessary forms. This form at ISSB is called the Bio data Form and is of much significance till your departure.

What happens actually is whatever you fill out in this ISSB Bio Data Form is used by the authorities to do a detailed analysis on you. Many questions and queries will be asked related to the statements which you have penned down in the ISSB Bio Data Form.

One has to be sharp while filling the document. Remember that you cannot enter any false information. This will lead you to the direct point of disqualification and in other cases may lead you to permanent ban for applying in any other vacancy in Armed forces of Pakistan. So any kind of misleading or fraud content is not allowed. All information provided must be authentic and valid.

The ISSB Bio Data Form is used by the interviewer on the day of interviewing process. The form you filled at the very first day will be in his hand and he will ask various questions related to your statements. Some of the candidates are not able to answer those tricky questions to dig the real you. Here is some of the Tips To Fill ISSB Bio Data Form.


ISSB Bio Data Form


Tips To Fill ISSB Bio data Form:

  • Be clear and specific.
  • Don’t try to exaggerate or mislead.
  • Provide authentic and valid information.
  • Be illegible so that your writing is easy to read.
  • Do not make up any story or false statement.
  • Right exactly what is asked.
  • Your educational information provided must match with your original documents.
  • Avoid over smartness. They are the bosses and they will know!

ISSB Bio data Form:

Bio data Forms at ISSB includes the following things:

  • Personal information
  • Contact details
  • Educational background
  • Family background
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Medical fitness
  • Routine life
  • Incidents of life

Let us discuss these things in details and sort out your queries:

  • Personal information:

Your personal information includes your name, parents name and occupation, marital status, spouse name (if married), kin, siblings, siblings occupation, step siblings (If any) cast, favorite personality and so on. You have to right exact information in the form. Sometimes the occupation of your parents is not so clear. For example if your father is a simple farmer and not have much land owned only by him you still have to right it exactly that he is a farmer, do not right ‘landlord’ if he is not. Similarly, if your mother is a simple housewife just right it. Don’t try to be over smart and give misleading information.

  • Hobbies, sports and interests:

You hobbies, sports and interests are also asked in the same category and you have to write down what it is meant. Don’t try to exaggerate or try to write something which is never your hobby or interest. If your interest is in politics or current affairs it will also give a chance to the interviewer to ask as much questions from this interest as he wants to. Similarly, if reading is your hobby you may be asked about the kind of books you read, latest book you have read, its story line, etc and similar things. If you are good in some sports just write it down. If you are part of any local or college team then mention it, it won’t put a bad impact. But if you are not a sport person and just a match watching person on TV, simply mention it.

  • Cast and Sub-cast:

Your cast and sub-cast are asked in the ISSB Bio data Form. In simple words, cast means your ‘zaat’. In our society we are having so many casts and these casts are further divided into sub-casts. For example if you are a ‘Jutt’ it is your cast, but what kind of Jutt you are will refer to its sub-cast, for instance You are a ‘Jutt’  but may be ‘Sandhu’, ‘Kahloon’, ‘Gill’, ‘Cheema’, ‘Chatta’ , etc. these are the sub-casts and there are many sub-casts of a cast.

Fill out the form with your exact cast. If you are confused about it, ask your father or family.

  • Date of Birth:

Entering your date of birth is somewhat tricky. Actually you have to calculate your exact age the day you are at ISSB which means that how many years, months, days are you old at the moment.

For instance my date of birth is 6th May 1990 and today its 4 April 2016, how should i calculate my Age? The answer is simple. Do simple subtraction

4 – 4 – 2016 (minus)
6 – 5 – 1990
gives you 25 years 10 months 28 days. Just like this you have to calculate yours.

  • Relatives in Armed forces:

Yes. The question of relatives in any of the Armed forces is also asked. You have to provide detailed information about your relatives who are in Armed Forces. Ask your relatives about their official name as in documents, rank, post, their current address, your relation with them and where they are posted currently. It’s important to know all these things so that you should not get problem there.

Remember that by relatives means all kind of relatives like your paternal or maternal cousins, your parents’ cousins or kids of your parents cousins’ and so on. If you do not have any relative in any of the Armed forces simply mention in the box given in the ISSB Bio data Form.

  • Medical Fitness:

Although you have gone through a medical test before coming to ISSB but this is something different. Simple questions are asked so that they can know if you are able to perform the physical task without any physical hurdle. Questions are:

  • If you have gone through any surgical operation?
  • Were you ever knocked out unconscious by a fall or accident and for how long?
  • Did you ever suffer from: breathlessness, headache, sleeplessness, palpitation, muscular pains, muscular trembling, sensitive skin, tiredness, nausea/vomiting?

Answer these questions as they are asked. If you face any of such problems simply mention it and don’t try to mislead them. If you are suffering from any of such situation, the authorities will immediately know once you are in the field with them.

  • Incident about life:

The most crucial thing in the Bio data Form is an incident occurred in your life. There may be a situation mentioned and you have to write upon it relative to your life experience. They may ask you write about the most tragic event of your life”, “write about the unforgettable incident of your life” “the most happiest event of your life” “the most shocking event of your life“, etc.

Questions like this are basically asked to know the emotional level, psychological impact and behavioral impact. The interviewer may ask many questions related to your answer if he finds it’s interesting or even if he finds out any suspicion that the story you have mentioned is fake or made up. These events of your life may be a minor or mega events, may be from your school life, childhood or a recent incident. All you have to do is write something good and appealing.

The main purpose of this question is to probe into you and know and to know you better. This can analyze the emotional level of you, the types of events you have faced, the types of things you can tolerate, how eventful is your life and how your life is changing.

The simple tips to write incident of your life are:

  • One thing which is very important is that the event you are writing down must be real and not a fake
  • Chose some events with positive impact on your life and try to avoid the negative ones or those which have given you emotional breakdown.
  • The death of a very close relative or beloved one is another case and it lies in the ‘Tragic Event’ category (if asked).
  • Similarly, ‘Unforgettable Event’ may be something tragic or something very happy happened in your life. Unforgotten is something which happened and you cannot forget about it for the rest of your life. It can be both happy and sad so try to figure out what you will write in this category.
  • The ‘Shocking Event’ is something which has startled you and you have been in a shock. This incident may be happy or sad but the good thing is to write something positive and happy shocking incident of your life.
  • Write 7-10 lines about this incident. If you have more space and you can pen your incident into some very good words then you can write more.

Now get yourself prepare to fill out ISSB Bio data form smartly and gather all the information we have mentioned. In order to be the best candidate, some homework is always necessary. Stay calm and work on it.


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