How To Get Recommended In ISSB

By | June 23, 2016

Got ISSB call letter? Are you anxious for ISSB Preparation? NO worries. We are here to guide you perfectly to go pass the ISSB Test. As soon as you get the ISSB Call Letter the tension and nervousness in majority of the candidates arise. Though they are very happy that they got through tests and are medically fit, but all they are worried about what is going to happen in ISSB center.

If you are the chosen one to get the ISSB Call Letter, feel lucky and be  thankful to Allah for this golden opportunity because believe me or not this is going to be one lifetime experience for you which will change you entirely. You may have heard from many people that the success rate at ISSB Test is not so much and many people fail in their first attempt but it is not the case. If you fit perfectly in all the criteria’s define by the authorities you can easily get through ISSB Test. All you need to do is be focused and concerned what you are going to do there.


There are different things which can help you pass the test but just like the interviews you have given earlier while applying other jobs, some common factors play a very important role. People usually forget to focus on themselves while going for ISSB Test because they are panic and nervous but remember that you can be selected or rejected for what you are.

Let us help you with simple qualities  which you may consider unimportant or may feel over confident about them that you already have those things in you. Our one silly mistake can drown us into failure so if there is a room for improvement in you why not to avail it?

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8 Simple Things to focus in ISSB:

  1. Appearance
  2. Expression
  3. Self confidence
  4. Academic ability
  5. Leadership
  6. Fitness
  7. Motivation
  8. Awareness

Let us discuss these crucial tips in detail and open your mind.

  • Appearance:

Remember what Friedrich Schiller said,

“Appearance rules the world”

And there is no doubt in it. When you imagine army officers they got a personality and pride. Most of the people are attracted towards army because they so want to look like them, they way they look, they way their uniform is and the way they communicate with others. Have you ever thought that they were the people like you but now they are the one whom you are getting inspiration? They are the one who have worked on their appearance because if you got a personal appearance you can do many things.

Focus on your personality. Look yourself in the mirror. Have you got a good impression of you? Do you look trust worthy? What’s the first thing which comes in the mind when people see you, ask this question from your family and friends and work on your appearance? If you cannot change yourself according to the environment you cannot do anything.

When we go to our office/college we get ready, took out a fine dress and shoes and always look ourselves in a mirror before leaving home. Same is the case with ISSB Test; you have to be well groomed in case of your personality after all they are going to select an Army Officer.

  • Expression

When you have worked on your appearance, the next step is to pay focus on your expression. The Selection Board always select such people which have an impressive expression and by this we mean your language, no matter if it is English or Urdu, proficiency, clarity while speaking, the ups and downs of your voice, your grammar and  the words you choose while speaking.

Expression can be improved if you will do as much practice as you can.  The simple way to have a good expression is to get yourself involve into group discussions and debates. Talk to your family and friends on different topic. Look into the mirror and talk on any topic for a longer time so that you can asses yourself how do you look while talking, how many pauses you take, how many times you get stuck while speaking, what is your fluency level and do you have enough knowledge to speak on a specific topic.

  • Self confidence

Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how good you are if you cannot see it yourself? Develop some confidence in you. If you are an introvert and not comfortable in front of people or gatherings then there is a mere chance you can get rejected. In ISSB Test Centers you will get many tasks which will include team work and group discussions, if you are not comfortable with new people around, you will not be able to give your best and hence leading you as a low scorer.

Self confidence can be built by believing in yourself that yes you can do it and you are no less than anyone else. You can strengthen it by taking part in some group activities, taking some responsibilities on your own and then believing in yourself.

Remember that if you are an extrovert and self confident at the same time, don’t try to be over smart. The Selection Board is so concerned that they will never select an over confident or less confident candidate. So there must be a balance which has to be maintained.

  • Academic Ability

If you are an English and Mathematics person then you got a plus point because you can easily get through many of the written tests at the ISSB Test Centers. Being good at academics is always a plus point but the people who are weak in these subjects or have scored less in their overall degree they should not feel inferior because grades are not everything. There are many people we know who are successful army officers but they scored not so good in their academic career. May be you are not good at this but you may be far better in any other quality as compared to your competitors.

  • Leadership

If you have all the qualities mentioned above, then you must possess the quality of leadership. This is very important because you are going to be a future Army Officer. You may lead and command many people in the future. A good leader is whose first and foremost concern is its team as there is a no leader when team does not exist. If you want to be a good leader, study some of the best leaders of the world, how they were? What were their qualities? How they dealt with pressure? Did they panic? Etc.

The best tip to be a leader is to be proactive, patient and people oriented. As this is the dominant trait in ISSB Test you need to work on your leadership qualities.

  • Fitness

When we talk about fitness we mean physical and emotional fitness both. If you are a gym or exercise person then you got bright chances because at ISSB Test you have to go through many physical tasks which will drain you energy and stamina. Build some stamina for heavy physical tasks like you can do running, jogging, and exercises but don’t do them right before going there otherwise your muscles will be all cramped.

Emotional fitness is equally important as physical fitness. If your mind is emotionally stable and fit, you will pass through emotional tests which are conducted by experienced psychologists at ISSB Test center. They will know immediately what kind of person you are and you can’t cheat them.

  • Motivation

A motivated person always knows the reason of why he is doing a specific thing. If you are going for ISSB Test, you should know why you are there and feel motivated about it. A person must know its destiny and strive to achieve it, although fate takes us wherever it wants but one should be clear about its goals and must be motivated to achieve them.

Don’t just be there like you are here because it happened unexpectedly and now your fate is in their hands. You have to be motivated about your presence there.

  • Awareness

Last but not least, you must be aware of everything happening around you and the whole world. Tune on to the TV and internet and know what the current trends are, read some history, articles and do as much research about ISSB and Armed forces as you can. There will be general knowledge questions in your tests at ISSB Center and if you will be well aware of the circumstances you will give right answers.

Read the newspaper daily and have a debate on current affairs and defense issues with the people around you, this will open your mind to many other aspects.

So you can see that these 8 simple factors can lead you to a greater chance of getting selected. Though there is no 100% guarantee that if you have all these factors in you will be recommended but there is a mere and brighter chance that you will not get reject. Focus on these useful tips and improve yourself.  Now is the time and you had to avail it. Keep tuned for more information!

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  1. Mazhar

    Majesticly written … I m a recommended guy .. and yes these all things are must for recommendation .. great writer

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Mazhar, we appreciate that you like our efforts 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      you can apply to the official site of pak army if there are any vacancy available. Then you will be shortlisted for further process.

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    A nice article, really motivating and helpful. Keep up the great work!

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      Thank you. Stay tuned for more authentic information.

  3. waseem khan

    my issb is after 1 month but i have no idea about it but this page is helpfull

  4. wasi

    Is there any kind of difference between the ISSB of LC and SSC in army??

  5. Qasim Abbas

    Assalam a alaikum …
    I wants to ask a question about medical test .. I have a cuts on my left arm just on the biceps place .. Can i clear my medical test ??

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    I am recommended at 140 PMA l\c thinks to help by reading these articles,,

    1. Farhan Farooqi

      aoa zakir bhai
      i submitted issb form of pma l/c 141 would you like to guide me

    1. Abdullah

      you have 2 chances of ISSB after FSc and then 1 chance after BS
      you have total 3 chances

  7. Abdullah

    how can we make our self emotionally stable
    this is really a hard task

  8. Abdullah

    how can we make our self emotionally stable
    this is really a hard task
    how can I stable my emotions
    and how they come to know

  9. aqeel

    m PAF m job krta technicl course k lye koi relawation ho gi mray lye?

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    A one Q. Sir
    If your r not Recommend in Navy
    And go For GD P and your interested in GDP
    What would you do ….??
    Are you go For GDP or Repeater as Navy…???
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    Is every candidate passed initial test ,medical and interview is called for Issb or PAF short service commission


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