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ISSB GTO Tasks Tips & Complete Guide

As soon as you will pass the psychological day test the next you have to go through ISSB GTO Tasks. These tasks took place on the Day 3 and Day 4 of your arrival and will comprise of many physical activities as well. In this article we will provide you ISSB GTO Tasks Tips, ISSB… Read More »

ISSB Pointer Story Writing Tips and Samples

The fourth tool of psychological test is the Pointer Story Writing. In ISSB Pointer Story Writing, an incomplete story of 2 lines will be given to you for a limited period of time and you have to solve the story. This test is also conducted to analyze the psychological traits of a candidate.

ISSB Picture Story Writing Tips and Samples

The third most important tool to assess a candidate is the ISSB Picture Story Writing. In this test all you have to do is to make a story of a picture shown to you on the multimedia. The pictures shown in this test are basically sketch pictures with no colors. Different objects or characters are… Read More »